Dating and relationships, girls and boys – all very complicated.

How to choose a partner in sex?

partner in sexNobody can give a concrete answer to the question that this fault : by some coincidence starlight riot hormones or whether it is just a ” demon possessed “, but sometimes the mind very clearly yells, that ‘s exactly the man, and that it you want it right here and now.

And then you certainly stolbeneete : this is the same approach and simply offer… yourself? And with all this, even not forever, but for a little bit, just for intimate encounter.

And just simply just need to take the initiative, but, oddly enough, men run away without regard to women who are actively rapprochement. Perhaps this development and that a man after such a very ” thin ” hint that the lady would definitely like to be alone with this man and talk privately call the mental hospital with a message that the city ” shastaet suspicious lady.”

Because it is strongly recommended to listen to smart psychologists and furnish everything as if it were all his porridge brewed, and generally he started it all. There are, however, some detail: all men are divided into those whom you know very well personally, to those with whom you are familiar, but not on those of whom we know only that he is tall and very pretty. So, in this case, we will ready for adventure and personal approach. Continue reading

How to avoid mistakes when dating online ?

 dating onlineCommunication in the network – a very peculiar thing. You can create the perfect image, submit it to the other party and play your ideal scenario novel. But remember, the same thing can be done and said. How to make sure not to scare, but rather a virtual partner interest, without changing yourself is not an example banal mask without fear then being detected ? This talk.

Do not allow errors in texts

This is extremely important in the beginning of communication. You do not know a person, but you also want it to be was a man in every sense of reasonable? Then she set to work in their reports do not make grammar mistakes. Remember, these silly mistakes have absolutely nothing to do with the now fashionable internet slang. You’re not going to hide his ” prEvet ” for obvious modern forumcanam ” hello.” If a person is literate and educated, he immediately ” split ” you. So you’d better let down his first message in Word and click Spell Check. Continue reading

Female pickup : how to fall in love

Female pickupWomen – Pickup Girls born . That women choose partners. Just remember the story, when the warriors fought in tournaments for the right to obtain the favor of the ladies. The concept of ” pickup ” invented men seeking to dominate and finally get rid of matriarchy . To charm , enchant or to win and keep a man , a woman does not need to be trained in the pickup , you just need to remember your nature .

Pickup female – a classic scheme of seduction
Before you learn the rules of a pickup truck , it is important to understand – why you need it . Of course, women like it when they pay attention , but are you ready for mass attention from men : not very beautiful , slim and plump , blondes and brunettes ?

Want to feel like a star , surrounded by a crowd of fans? Then go ahead and pick-up lesson is simple . Very concise rules can be represented by a pickup scheme: attention, interest , desire and action. So it is possible to meet a girl with a guy who does not show initiative. It’s your time to act! His attention in various ways : it may be some amusing phrase with your hand or your wardrobe bright detail that simply can not go unnoticed by your counterpart . Continue reading

Good kiss – the key to successful dating

Good kiss - the key to successful datingKiss – one of the first intimate touching, which depends if not all, very much in a relationship. To be honest, if the first kiss was unsuccessful, did not bring pleasure to both partners, it is likely that the next meeting could not take place at all. But how do you learn to kiss properly and whether it is possible to do by studying the bare theory?

Pay full attention to this intimate act.

Regardless of whether skilled or timid was the first kiss, it determines whether to develop further the close relationship between people. This is not surprising, for it is difficult to imagine that someone has agreed to make plans for the future life with a partner, kisses which do not bring any pleasure.

But in order to learn how to kiss, absolutely not enough to study the theory, or to conduct a survey among friends and acquaintances. Practice shows that the kiss – a purely personal one and if like timid touch lips, others prefer to enjoy a French kiss and consider it the most exciting. But if you have some practice in this intimate affair, but you would like to improve some skills that will help our stuff in it. Continue reading

How to find a man for life

find a man for lifePeople can not live alone. Very difficult to be alone, so they always try to find yourself a man who will share bed with them, life and spiritual experiences.

Find yourself !
The most important challenge in finding their mate for a woman is as paradoxical as it sounds, the search itself. That search, and not an external improvement. If you can sensibly evaluate their capabilities, aspirations and demands, find a boyfriend or a man for life will be much easier. In olden times an ambitious or, conversely, too skoromnoy damsel said : “Prices can not afford to make ” just the same meaning above.

Exotics good for a while
Important to find a partner and is now almost forgotten concept of estates. Whatever asserted Democrats, and look better still similar. If you are citizen in seven generations, male, born in rural areas, whether it is three times good and rich, after a while you will start to feel a klutz. In his childhood memories – wonderful time haymaking, and you – the first trip to the ballet with her grandmother – music fan. Of course, love works wonders, connecting different worlds. But it will take much more effort to lap. In addition, adjust oneself in fact have not only you but also your relatives on both sides. The conflict is almost inevitable. In general, do not chase for the exotic. Continue reading

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